By: DMAT CO-2 / NMRT-C on April 4, 2013 at 08:13

New Faces & What’s Ahead!

It’s been great to see some new faces in the monthly meetings.  We always look forward to having new members – we realize that the application process may be lengthy, but please don’t give up!  Our monthly meetings also enable us to catch up on news from our friends and colleagues, it’s great to see everyone.  

Welcome back from your maternity “leave,” Jen!

As you know, we are on-call in April.  Keep your eyes and ears open regarding the potential Red River flooding and pack your bags accordingly for wet and cold weather.

May’s training will roll out new Standard Operating Guidelines which will then be sent to everyone.  Please attend the meeting if you can and bring your questions and comments.

Stay safe!!

Jackie Fitch

Deputy Team Commander

By: DMAT CO-2 / NMRT-C on January 4, 2013 at 14:27

DMAT CO-2 / NMRT-C January Training Deployment

Good Afternoon Team Members,

This Sunday we have 19 members of our team deploying to Frederick, MD for Training with VA-1, MD-1, NC-1. After the deployment we will try to upload any photos that we can and even put up some information from other team members about their time there. More to come.

Louis & Jackie

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