By: DMAT CO-2 / NMRT-C on December 12, 2012 at 12:23

January Team Meeting Cancelled:

Hi Team,

As most of you may already know we had to reschedule the January Team Meeting to January 8th due to the fact that the original Team Meeting fell on New Year’s Day. Now, with the recent NMRT & DMAT training scheduled for January 6th to 10th most of the Command and General staff will be in Frederick, MD. Due to this the Command and General Staff have decided to cancel the January Team Meeting. We hope to see you all at our February 5th team meeting and training and we hope that all of you have a great Holiday season…

Dennis Michael Baker, MA, LPC
Training Officer

By: DMAT CO-2 / NMRT-C on at 11:54

Website Updates:

During the past couple of days we have made some updates to the website. We are pleased to be moving in a positive direction with the website. :-)


  1. New Page Design
  2. New Brochures in the About NDMS section.
  3. New Employment Video in the Employment Information section.
  4. New Deployment Availability set up (beta testing to begin soon!!).
  5. Document Page – COMING SOON!!!

Any recommendations? Go to the contact us page and send an email to Website Administrator!


Anyone with the Team Meeting Power Points please email them to Louis at Webmaster(at)

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